Nathan Kent

visual artist



1.  Simulation of a Synthesis 
2. Ambiguous Series
3. Classifying Objective Omission
4. Other


We depend on habitual assumptions to inform our everyday expectations. In order to create these assumptions, we rely on classifying life into specific categories. This practice bolsters the belief that we can be certain. I find the more we attempt to define our empirical observations, the more confusing reality actually becomes.

My work simplifies this thought in sculptures that have a liminal quality to them, existing somewhere between the familiar and the unknown. When creating them I focus on replicating textures and shapes indicative of organic life, rather than directly referencing life itself. Once created the sculptures are then drawn representationally as a means to study and define these abstract sculptures as a subject. The images depict the subject in a void without the anchor of context or narrative, this adds to their liminal quality; in that, they exist in an isolated state in a non-existent place.

I find the act of creating sculptures that vaguely pull from my own definitions of life then meticulously drawing them references the absurd lengths we all go to in order to preserve the illusion of our expectations, expectations we attempt to uphold by imposing our habitual limiting assumptions.



2016   Bachelor of Fine Arts (Emphasis Drawing and Printmaking)
             University of Central Oklahoma    Edmond, OK


2017    Best in Experimental Technique
            Untitled [Artspace]      Oklahoma City, OK

2013    Clare Hart DeGloyer Memorial Fund
             Dallas Museum of Art   Dallas, TX


2018    Technical Officer of Printmaking
             University of New South Wales Art & Design   Sydney, NSW, Australia   


Juried Exhibitions
2020  Concept 2020 Survey
            ahha Tulsa   Tulsa, OK

2020  Slowmentum OKC
             Dead Peoples Stuff   Oklahoma City, OK

2016    Momentum OKC
             The Plow     Oklahoma City, OK

2013   7th Seven-State Biennial
            The Goddard Center    Ardmore, OK

           Momentum Tulsa
           Living Arts Center    Tulsa, OK 

            Fall 2013 Juried Art Exhibition 
            University of Central Oklahoma  Edmond, OK

Group Exhibitions

2017    Making Our Mark: Print Exchange Show
            Untitled [Artspace]      Oklahoma City, OK

            Ambiguous: Loss and Interference
            Untitled [Artspace]      Oklahoma City, OK

2016   A Hiding Place 
          Untitled [Artspace]   Oklahoma City, OK

          Limited Processing
          Individual Artists of Oklahoma  Oklahoma City, OK

          Senior Capstone Exhibition
          Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park  Oklahoma City, OK 

2014    Featured Artist Exhibition
             Istvan Gallery     Oklahoma City, OK

2013    Arts of Bits – Bits of Art
             Istvan Gallery    Oklahoma City, OK

             Comic Art/Graphic Novel
             Istvan Gallery    Oklahoma City, OK


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